Each Stencil is a 1:1 SCAN of the Original Cabinet Art
Each Stencil goes thru 10-20 hours of Detailed ART CLEAN-UP
 Each Stencil is designed with CORRECT Factory Bleeds & Traps!
Each Stencil is designed with CORRECT Order of Paint Layers!
Each Stencil Kit comes with REGISTRATION SYSTEM to Lineup Art Perfectly!

Each Stencil Kit comes with LABELS for CORRECT COLOR + PAINT ORDER
Each Stencil Kit comes with DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS for Great Results!

Each stencil kit is made from a low-tack, premium paint mask. Its high degree of stiffness makes it especially ideal for painting and spraying on large even surfaces like pinball cabinets. All stencils also come with pre-mask to ensure the artwork stays in tact and goes down correctly the first time!

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